MasterChef (US) Season 4 Episode 15: Top 9 Compete
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In previous episode, the challenge divided into two, the team challenge and pressure test. The first challenge (team challenge) all their contestant are gathered and brought to Huntington Beach in California to serve 101 surfers a meal of fish tacos. In this challenge, the contestant were divided into two teams and on the top of the list there is Jessie and this is because he got the previous episode’s main challenge on winning and it was her decision to pick on who’s gonna in in her team and the list completed with James, Eddie, Bethy, and Natasha on it. While she is also has the opportunity to pick for the other team and she made it for Savanna to the leader along with Jordan, Krissi, Bri and Luca as her members.

Both team challenged and it was red team to cooked Spicy Blackened Cod Taco with Pickled Onions and Cabbage and with team of Jessie they cooked Grilled Mahi Mahi Taco with Chipotle Ranch Slaw. Because of the edge given by Jessie the audience cultivate the excitement and then suddenly her team ran into issue with plating right after the start of service and this will let them to use back up their station. And since it was a great challenge for both team, the red team also suddenly trembled with strong point gaining the first 22 but then a great rebound, team Blue make a shift and tied the score and in the end, the Blue team won the challenge and it is Jessie again with 51 to 25 point a very big differences.

On July 17, 2012 witness the new challenge of Top 9 to compete and watch MasterChef (US) Season 4 Episode 15 online with PutLocker and let us continue the competition. Just make sure you already cook your dinner before facing on the television because for sure this show will leave you hungry.


MasterChef (US) Season 4 Episode 15: Top 9 Compete, 1.0 out of 9 based on 1 rating

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