Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 5: Vertigo

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The story of Royal Pains started when Hank Lawson being wrongly blamed for cause of his patient’s death. This patient is well known and we can consider VIP (from the title I hope you can get some clue) After that incident hi move to the Hamptons and becomes a doctor for hire specialized for famous and rich. It is like an anime entitled Black Jack, a doctor who cure rich people and ask for big amount but in the end of the line he also cure some less fortunate people and ask a nothing. This is also what Hank Lawson did on this patient. Royal means popularity, rich, power while since they came as sickness patient like the ordinary people they also feel sickness or pains.

Next week, Royal Pains, will start to a new episode and they called it Vertigo. What is vertigo anyway? this is the state of feeling dizzy or falling into sleep. Maybe you will feel this while you are in operation or they inserted you tranquilizer so they can do their task without your presence. Like any members of, you I believe that you want also to watch Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 5 online.

For the sake of tearing down the wait, I will share some reviews on previous episode, and this was HankMed shut down for 72 hours because Hank need to travels to Budapest to converse with Milos and that is about the death of Boris. Actually it is a revelation of Hank that Boris is still alive and he was only hiding from Milos. This is what really happened, it was Dmitri, the half-brother of Boris who really dies after trying to protect Boris. Although he want to go public and unfold the event, Hank ask him to keep patient and let them secure first the situation before making a move.

As the continue onĀ Episode 5: Vertigo, we are looking forward for this explosion of truth but definitely they are not ready for the consequences that this revelation might cause. I’m sure you are also excited to let our protagonist shines and display the truth but keep rewinding, and analyze this personally, if you are in the same situation, while telling the truth is not always a way to set you free, will you do the same?


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